Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Crocheted Home

There have been a number of crochet projects I have been working on since I took up the hook back in early April this year.  I can be a tad impatient when it comes to reaching the final stages....that together with my keenness to learn I've started and stopped and started and stopped and then finally I stopped starting and I continued one by one until I had finished, all loose ends included.

A mug cosy, this was a special gift for Mrs Moo
 I've experimented with a few different styles of flowers, one of my next projects will be a crochet flower necklace.
I stitched this gorgeous flower (tutorial available from
 Bunny Mummy) onto a boring old beige cushion. It looks lovely in the lounge room now. Brings in a little feminine touch . . .
I was very excited to find this pattern for a tissue box cover over at The Royal Sisters, I'm making one for every room of the house now, some maybe in just one colour.  I really hate looking at boxes of tissues,  I usually hide them in a cupboard, but with lots Winter sniffles at the moment I need to have them out and handy to grab at anytime. 
 My bed blanket is an on going project. This one gets kept in the car now so if I ever get stuck waiting for something or someone, I can just whip it out, and hook whilst I wait.  Time passes so quickly  and I don't get cranky at anything or anyone for wasting my time while I wait! I am finding Crochet so relaxing and therapeutic . . . I wish I had discovered it years ago.

 I'm totally hooked on granny squares....I started to make a cushion with these bright squares but after a while thought they may  look better wrapped draped around my neck . . . if you look closely (please don't look too closely) you will notice I am still just finishing of the red edging on one side, I will be finishing that tonight. 
(Did you also notice Bonnie, the cat, running up the tree!)
 Then there is my Crochet Bunting, I first came across these at one of my favourite crochet blogs Crochet with Raymond. I didn't finish off the same though, it got a little fiddly for me! They look lovely hanging up in my little Annabel's room. I did most of these during the car trip to Gran & Pops this past holiday.
I can't take any credit for the beautiful bedspread, it was one of my first ever Op shop finds, and still one of my favourite. 
Fun and Easy to make, Triangle Granny squares joined with chain stitch. I'm still a little bit wonky and loose with my stitches but I'm sure as time goes I will improve. 
 What do you think of the little barbie beanie? 
 It was suppose to be an Easter egg!  
 I've been collecting books from the op shops lately and have come across some amazing fashions and crochet ideas for the home, plus I have found some very interesting crochet blogs out there with a wealth of information, crochet tutorials and endless inspiration.
Check out these beauties...
What a world Crochet has opened up for me!


  1. Love all your crocheted projects!

  2. Hi
    Love your crocheted items! I only took up the hook just before Christmas, learning from "The Art of Crochet" magazine which hubby encouraged me to buy. I love alot of their patterns and have oodles of patterns waiting for me to try. I have recently just started making a granny square blanket myself. I hope to get it as big as the one on your bed. I can't wait to see more of your work :-)

  3. Hehe..that photo of Bonnie bolting up the tree made me laugh. I bet she was headed for the top in one single bound.
    All your crocheted creations are beautiful. My crocheting only extends to chain stitch and looking at all these, I may have to advance my skills.

  4. The bunting looks gorgeous hung up:) and I'll take a pair of those stockings in tall please!

    A lovely picture of you xo

  5. OMG - I have that same book..the one with the girl in the orange and white stripey dress; "Crochet - Super Designs for Babies, Women and Home" (Yes?). This book was out just this morning having a flick through..the little gir's dress is my fave, although I especially find amusement in "A Simple Cover-up Snood' on pg 14, lol!

    Your crochet happenings look wonderful indeed! I do love the look of the crochet's a party, right?! And your scarf is looking fab!!

    (PS - are you on ravelry? Many, many happy hours of crochet inspiration and patterns over there!).

  6. makes me want to learn a new skill! A friendly tissue box, ooooh.

  7. hi
    wow!!!!!! i love all your crocheted,especially the
    crochet bunting.
    i agree with you crochet is really relaxed.
    have a wonderful day,

  8. Goodnesns you have been quite prolific since you only started in April. Loving your work and agree it is wonderful to have something to do while out and about passing time. I learnt in April but am struggling to finish things as I keep getting frustrated by my colour choices. Just started again last week and hoping to post pics soon. I too have been collecting those old 70's patterns- they are a cracker aren't they? melxx

  9. I love the mug cosy...I wonder if there is a tutorial on it?

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  10. I love your tissue box colours...Just gorgeous...
    The lacy and lovely tights are just amazing!!!
    I would love to try these...

  11. I love seeing all your crocheted items....they look lovely...another reason I really need to work crocheting out....great post too!

  12. Loved the look around. My daughters would love the triangles for their rooms! I keep wanting to learn how to crochet little bags that will hold bars of our handmade goat's milk soap. It would be like a washcloth and bar of soap in one. Someday...

  13. Your crotchet looks great . I too have a beautiful op shop winter quilt. It is queen sized a buttery cream in colour and 4 panelg go together to make a giant butterfly pattern. Very pretty and it was $2 - a middle of summer find from an op shop that thought winter would never come or perhaps they just did not appreciate how beautiful it was going to look over my cream coverlet.

    But I still like to do my own and grandchildren are now getting old enough to want theirs in their footy teams colours.

    I'm really enjoying your post gooseberry. I loved the koala family and the littlies looking at them.

  14. Well, don't you just love those old crochet books and mags? I do. I have a few but none with such a funky pair of crocheted tights! I wonder how many people actually made those.....

  15. Hi Karen , thankyou so much for linking. Glad you found the tutorial easy to follow. I love all your makes and I'm very impressed how fast you've picked it up. As you say's so relaxing ...I hate to be without mine ...makes me a little twitchy :0)
    Thay op shop bedspread is stunning !!! What a find.
    Jacquie x

  16. Your projects look great.

    I love the crocheted tights, can I ask which book it was in? I'd like to keep an eye out for it.

  17. Hi Cheryl, do you see the lovely New Idea "I LOVE TO CROCHET" book above, it's in that book! Good luck trying to find one, it's a great book, filled with some lovely 70's style crochet fashion. If you or anybody is interested I am more than happy to post out a photo copy of the tights pattern. Just send me an email. :)


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