Friday, July 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home

It's always good to be back home, and back into our own warm cosy beds, our holiday experiences etched in our minds forever and  plans already made for a few special adventures next School Holidays.
  (I will keep you posted!)
It was nice to arrive home after a nine hour drive to a home baked dinner and dessert from Mrs Moo, my wonderful cousin, who had been house sitting for us, she's an amazingly talented Cook

The bags were unpacked this morning, the washing is hanging out to dry and it's now time to tackle my ever growing list of things to do which is already a good mile and half long...

There are biscuits and cakes to bake
A few new preserves I'm just dying to try from this great new book
Some Op shopping to wash, I found the best little church thrift shop while I was away, I hit gold with these great Pyrex mixing bowls, a handful of aprons, tablecloths and two sets of  kitchen curtains. 
Plus a lifetime and a half of household crafts that I'm very keen to get into...
But first of all there are a number of crochet projects I have been working on that need to be finished off
A garden to tend to that isn't producing half as well as I expected, I think it's time to spread a bit of Sheep Poop! 
It's also in desperate need of a watering system other than myself and the older children!   I'm thinking a basic drip system is good, it works for the chook water! Speaking of chooks, there are still quite a few running around without names
We will need to get back on track with that too...

Of course there is the general household keeping, looking after my husband and raising my children, but that's just something I like to do in my spare time!!! 

There is Painting projects, Sewing projects, Restoration projects and even Macrame all on this list.
as well as many new blogs to explore and a good catch up with some of my favourite bloggers.

And what will I do with all these freshly picked Oranges and Lemons, kindly passed on from family and friends.
I am feeling quite refreshed and rejuvenated from the family holiday, so I'd  better get back to it and I'll see you all along the way.


  1. Well i for one missed you glad you had a good time & that your home safe & sound.

  2. LOL I love your to do list,,,,,don't worry mine is very similar to yours, one day we will get it all done!
    I love that collection of craft books you picked up, I would spend hours going through those and flagging pages left right and centre,,,just adding to that "to do list" lol. I recently bought a collection of 4 folders called creative crafts or something like that that is chock full of crafts to try. Now I just need to find the time.
    I love your blog by the way!!! I have been enjoying sifting through it. Welcome Home

  3. I LOVE that preserving book, my sister bought it at xmas time and lent it to had some great things in it...its nice to be away isnt it..but always so nice to be in your own bed again....

  4. Those oranges and lemons look sooooo gooood!

  5. I'd juice some oranges and make an almond/orange cake with some the lemons you could juice and freeze some for later and make some lemonade for now...I just bought a dripper hose for the greenhouse. glad you had a nice holiday welcome home

  6. Love your blog!
    Suggestions for chook names:-
    Hazel, Mabel, Ruby, Beryl, Sybil, Agnes.....
    I sure do miss having chookies, give yours a cuddle from me.

  7. Fantastic!

    How was your break away?

    I'm not looking forward to the washing we'll have to do when we finally arrive home again...but am looking forward to seeing our little home and getting cosy again! Nothing like your own space.

  8. Welcome back Karen! Sounds like you had a very refreshing holiday on the farm. This time of year is just the best I think.
    You sound like you have a lot of things whirling around - can't wait to see what projects you come up with.
    It's always great to go away, but nice to be back home again isn't it? cheers Wendy

  9. Welcome home! Isn't it a nice feeling? You certainly hit op shopping gold..look at that Pyrex! Looks like you're going to be busy for the next little while.

  10. It's exhausting just reading your list of things to do - and I know that's just the half of it!!!

    By the way I love that preserving book, I almost tucked it into my suitcase:)

    Oh, that's right, I DID tuck one of your books into my suitcase and I made the ginger cake that I wanted to make out of it. Yummy, I'll be making another one tomorrow as it is already all gone.



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