Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lamb Check

 It's been a while since I've done a post about The Sheep,  they tend to get a little forgotten here in this busy household.  I have become quite used to seeing them grazing out in the paddock when I look out of my bedroom window first thing in the morning,  and it's nice to hear them bleating in the distance. Apart from a daily head count and check on the water troughs they pretty much just look after themselves. They keep the grass down and our dreams alive.
YES! That is a Sheep eating my Fruit Trees . . .
and they say foxes are cunning.
Fruit trees have now been fenced off!  Off Limits to all Sheep!!
Hubby, who is luckily a born and bred farmer had been busy building some holding yards so we can get them in for a closer look and any sheep maintenance they may need!!  They are still a bit wild at the moment but hopefully in time, with a few short stints in the yard they will become a little more people friendly.  The children have been enjoying rounding them up into the yards, they have had a bit of practice as it is usually something they enjoy when we holiday with Gran & Pop
The lambs seems to be healthy & well.

On closer inspection, it appears that Cappuccino is actually a Wether(Castrated Male) so no lambs from her him in the future. He would be perfect for the table right about now, but somehow I do not think the children will allow it! 

He will just have to make sure he earns his keep in 
Yard Maintenance!!

And as for Sunday Roast, well, no chance of getting him to the table too soon . . .
My behind is fatter than this one!

Hey dad, lets catch that big FAT one over there...
Nearly got her...
Hubby checked all the ewes and it appears they are all very heavily pregnant and due any day now...I will definitely keep you POSTED.  Very Very Exciting!
Ahh mama's milk on it's way....Now I know that people keep goats for milk, cheese, soap etc... Should I be looking at the possibilities of milking these sheep?  
 I think I'll just keep my order in for a Milking Cow!  
I am however, very keen for shearing day, which must only be a few months away. Now that I am a novice crochet artist, imagine what I could create with Home Spun Wool. How Exciting!!!
One day. . .Remember, one step at a time.
Lets just get these lambs out first. 


  1. How exciting! Yay- little lambs!!!

  2. So you did blog about the fruit trees, huh? How exciting to have lambs on the way and to have the kids involved too.

  3. While reading this the exact thing I thought was 'imagine the wool you would get from them'. I have met some elderly women who spin their own yarn so I am going to go along and learn myself :)
    Can't wait to see pics of the newborn lambs.


  4. Love the lambs! How peaceful life seems around God's animals :) Lambs always make me remember about Bethlehem:)
    Perfect Life!
    How perfect is your life?

  5. Lovely post, your sheep are gorgeous. You have to get a goat to milk now, they are much easier than a cow!! Our sheep were a bit wild too when we first got them, but now they come runnning when we call. Love your sheep yards too, very well built.

  6. Spinning your own wool into yarn is so much fun. My mum use to do it when I was growing up on our farm. She also used natural products to dye the wool too. It was so much fun seeing what brown onion skins and mulberries did to the colour of the wool.
    I'm sure you are going to have a lot of fun with little lambs around.
    Anne xx

  7. Exciting! Lovely sheep. Always so blissful...and stubborn...and surprisingly agile!

  8. Lambs are just the cutest. Makes you forget all about Sunday Roast time! Lovely photos and I'd like some yards like that for my chooks I think. cheers Wendy

  9. Oh you are a brave woman, I'm too 'chicken' to raise animals, I'm as soft as butter in the sun when it comes to animals, it's a wonder I'm not vegetarian. We have 3 wonderful acres here, and although I have toyed with the idea of animals, I just KNOW I would makes friends, and that would be that! So we just have some other peoples horses to keep the grass down.

  10. Wow, how exciting....little lambs on the way!!


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