Monday, July 4, 2011

Taking a Break

What I love best about school holidays is taking a journey down to visit Gran and Pop on their Sheep Farm in Mid Western NSW.
 I particularly like the trip at this time of the year, it’s nice to experience a real sense of seasonal change that we rarely get in Sunny Queensland, the spectacular country landscape, the stillness and quiet in the air, and for my children to experience life on a real working farm, there is something very special about this place.  

A Big Warm WELCOME to all my new followers 
and a big Thank You to Mrs Moo for housesitting while we're away.
 We'll be back next week!


  1. Fantastic photo's.
    We do have the best Winters here in Qld hey!

  2. Looks amazing. Beautiful property and so great that your kids get to experience that kind of life. They certainly look like they are enjoying yourselves.

  3. Pictures are beautiful. We are taking our kids on holiday soon, touring regional NSW. I love to see the seasons!

  4. How Aussie are these pics, I love them. Hope you're having loads of fun.

  5. I absolutely adore all these photos. The lamb is looking very healthy and is that a new sheepdog puppy? Like you I'm enjoying wide open spaces, lambs and two sheepdogs who lick you to death. Thank you for sharing these wonderful images.
    Anne xx

  6. hi
    wonderful pictures!!!! i love it all,especially the little wiith the lamb.
    thanks for sharing these wonderful images .
    greetings from germany,

  7. These are AWESOME photos! Beautiful collection. And I can never, ever, ever get enough of real life sheep photos.


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