Monday, November 7, 2011

How to Preserve Husbands

Husbands, like peaches, will not keep all year round unless they are well preserved.  First select him carefully: be sure he is not too green, neither should he be overripe. He might look very tempting and mellow in the market but if he is too old he will not stand the test of the preserving process, but will expose his hard stoney heart.
Husbands grown in the tropics of pleasure look very fine, but are usually insipid. The home grown are the best!  Select your husband, if possible, from a family tree growing on the sunny side of the Church – you will be sure he has a sound heart.  Unsound husbands, like unsound peaches, often have to be sorrowfully cast away.  Having selected your husband, you should have a clear, steady, cheery fire of love – your preserving pan, (The Home) must be clean and neat.  Give him plenty of sweetness, much sugar is needed – vinegar is never used in sweet preserves.  If you think he demands a little spice, use it with caution.  Do not keep stirring him up, neither should you keep poking him with sharp points to see if he is done – it will spoil his good looks. 
 If you follow this recipe, love will be preserved.....
My Hubby
There were always certain qualities that were important to me and in my mind and heart I always carried an image, a fantasy, a wish I guess, of a wonderful person I could love totally...  My Husband has given me what I always wished for, fun and laughter, concern and understanding, a trustworthy friend, a lover to cherish,  a partner in everything I do, a dependable, caring and supportive father for our children, he's a good provider and a great handyman around the Home.  The backbone of our family, I would be completely lost without him.
Sometimes I think I stir him up just a little too much, but I have learnt that if add a little bit of extra sugar, a dash of patience and a pound of understanding at the end of the day, it seems to keep everything blending quite nicely in our little preserving pan...  

Have you preserved your Husband yet? 
 Maybe you have had him salted and cured or perhaps sugar coated, is he pickled, soaked up with Brandy or Rum...
 Maybe you've Smoked him!!

The above preserving recipe is just one of my many favourite recipes from the Wheatland’s  70th  Jubilee Recipe Book  1913 – 1983.
 I just love old style country cookbooks,  I have quite a collection in my cupboard, mostly from the local country areas where either myself or my husband grew up. 
This Wheatland’s recipe book was snatched from passed onto me from my mother. Wheatlands is a very small rural area in the South Burnett district, Queensland, near where my family grew up.  It is like a bible to me. It is  full of great old fashioned recipes
and I found this particular preserve is the wonderful 
Handy Hints section.
There is no author attached to this particular piece above nor the other kind words of wisdom and random sayings scattered throughout the pages, but I would like to acknowledge the Wheatland P&C association and Jubilee committee and all the cooks who kindly donated their time and favourite recipes for this special edition back in 1983.
Well done Ladies...


  1. A recipe worth noting down and remembering as it is foolproof and personally tried and tested.

  2. What a great recipe...i must admit that i have a real fondness for the old style country cookbooks too and swiped a few when i left home many years ago!! Very exciting when i come across one at the markets or garage sale!
    I lived in Bundy at one stage so know the district you are talking about!Thanks for sharing!
    Jode x

  3. Love that recipe and it brought to mind many truths as I read it. I think I am doing alright with my husband preserving, but it was nice to read the recipe just to make sure!

  4. oh i know what the problem was with my failed marriage..wrong recipe! :)

  5. I laughed so hard when I read this post! What a classic!

    But where is the recipe for us women for the men to preserve!

    Let me see...1kg softness...1kg multitasking...1kg selflessness...1kg multitasking...1kg forgiveness...1kg multitasking...1kg frugalness...1kg multitasking...and 3 kg of love!

  6. A recipe we all need to have in our files. It's a good feeling to know that you've created the right mixture. :)

  7. Oh look at your lovely husband in a jar - so caring and understanding:)

    Thanks for the link up, I have just made muesli slice for afternoon tea, I wished I'd made that ginger cake now. So yummy xo

  8. A lovely post love the recipe for a happy life.

  9. If he is like mine, he prefers to be shaken not stirred! Great idea for Christmas!

  10. Very clever post Karen. You obviously know how to keep yours! plus he looks like quite a nice catch I must say:) cheers Wendy

  11. What an amazing old cook book it is and looks like an amzing husband worth preserving. Please consider the brand new link up at TODAY AT PLAY who is part of EARLY PLAY AUSTRALIA too.


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