Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sew Recycled

Lately, and I mean mostly Late at Night, I have been finding much pleasure getting to know my new Sewing Machine.  Being a new Hobby for me unfortunately I don't have a huge stash of fabrics to play with, but I have been quite surprised with what I have found around the home to re-purpose. 
A huge array of fabrics just sitting in my wardrobe, a few old favourites that have been out grown, outworn or out dated stuffed into the Rag Box and stored away in the hand me downs box,all just waiting to be picked up and put to good use.
An old and 'way too small for me' blouse, 
now a new Library Book Bag....
Did I really ever fit into that?
A favourite t-shirt that ended up with a paint stain on the front. I couldn't remove the paint so I just took off the whole front!
 The back has made a very handy little drawstring bag.
Another favourite dress becomes a toy bag...
A hand me down top a little too stretched for any more wear...
  becomes a handy size purse bag for my wool and  maybe a little crochet needle bag to go with it...

 And old, hardly ever worn t-shirts

 become T-shirt Bags.
My daughter tells me she's not wearing these anymore, so I told her I would put them to good use...
" Mum" she says, "we're not that Poor,. We don't have to turn our old clothes into Bags! How embarrassing!!" 
 NO, we don't my dear, But aren't they cute, and it is so much fun and I think I'm really clever and come on, lets give one to your friends for Christmas....."Oh MUM!!!"
She's slowly getting it, she does love the idea of it, even though she thinks I'm a little bit nuts, I'm sure she'll come round and she'll be packing them full of clothes for the next sleepover.  

For a quick an easy t-shirt/blouse bag
JUST stitch up the bottom. . . and cut off the sleeves. . . 


  1. Thrifty AND fun. It does give you a buzz when you do these things doesn't it? My lot made T-shirt bags for school on an eco-drive and use them on their beds as 'treasure bags'.

  2. I think these are absolutely great...you have been busy! good for you, i would probably get the same reaction from my teen but they will see the light!
    Jode x

  3. That is an awesome idea! I am just about to make the seasonal trawl through the kids wardrobes so this is a fab idea! Thanks

  4. Love it. I am also starting out and I am extremely jealous that you can put a zipper in. I need you at my house to give me some lessons!

  5. For a newby that is a stellar effort.Love all your repurposing of clothes, so useful and creative. Keep it up! I have just sewn my first cushion ever and am so pleased with myself, such a great feeling of achievement to envision something and then have it actually come to fruition. melx

  6. hi karen
    wow......wonderful things!!!!

  7. Love - love this!!! I'm with Kim, I am jealous that you can put in a zip:)

    I have just cut up 10 stained t-shirts, using the backs for my kitchen. I am doing away with chux. It is working out perfectly, even dad was able to cope with my re-purposing.

    And as for kids: my five year old told me when I was picking out fabric for a new project, "not vintage mum!"


  8. You are clever. I need to get some sewing done and I think the only time I can get is late at night but usually I am very tired at the end of the day.
    Thanks for motivating me.

  9. What a great post.....I haven't really been looking at 'doesn't fit me anymore' clothes for fabric...but I will be now...Thanks for the great ideas!
    I've been stuck on finding lovely pillowcases lately to make shopping bags though.

  10. You have been a busy little beaver, great re purposing and so cute.

  11. What great ideas! I am very keen to get a sewing machine - what did you buy and do you like it? What features does an absolute beginner need?
    Hope you're keeping well,
    Sandra x

  12. Love it - yes we're not that poor but the finished product is SO worth it - good for the environment, good for the hip pocket and good for the soul.

  13. Good work Karen. I'm sure the kids will 'get it' soon when they see what great gifts the bags make for their friends.
    Look at you and that gorgeous belly of yours! enjoy. cheers Wendy

  14. My partner has kept every single Tee-shirt he ever bought at a gig - now I have a fabulous use for them - excellent!!!!

  15. I love all your clever sewing ideas. Those t-shirt bags are so cool. I like to make baby pants out of old t-shirts. I spied a cute bump in there too :)

  16. I love this idea I made a load 32 for the playgroup to take books home.
    also made a lot of OOee bags.


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