Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Garden Post

How Thoughtful, as predicted it arrived just in time for Mothers day.
  A big pile of dirt! 
Well one week on and here it still sits...No one has volunteered to fill my beds yet, but I wait patiently,  crossing a few more growing days off the calendar, surely someone will give in soon.

If you read my last garden post you would be familiar with the
 MUD PIE Giveaway.
The  Diggers Australian Fruit and Vegetable Garden Book. 
Well somebody must have known just how badly I needed that book and all my prayers were answered when Ali pushed the button on the random number generator and up I popped along with two other lucky recipients, Hazel Dene and Duchess De clutter.
 Can you beleive it! I still can't. Thank you again Ali.
This book is Sensational.  If you don't have yourself a good gardening manual then I thoroughly recommend you get this one, it is packed full of information on Where, When, Why and How to Grow.  I have had my head buried in this book all week.
This morning equipped with my new found knowledge of fruit and vegetables I spent a number of hours on the Diggers website and have purchased myself a truck load of seeds that should hopefully arrive in the next couple of weeks, I'm a bit excited!  
The plan for this week now is to get out the shovel, put on my 
NEW gardening Boots, and away we go. . .I may have to bribe a few helpers though...
 Now, I just want to put the word out on a New Project that has literally just hits the streets in  last couple of weeks. 
Sow.Give.Grow is a project developed to sharing the wonders of growing your own food.  
The aim is to motivate people to nurture an anonymously gifted seedling which will in turn provide food.  
This is a Must for all you gardening gurus... 
Sometime this week I'm heading into town with this little parcel to do my first Trans-plant, I'm a bit excited about that too...
Please CHECK IT OUT! and spread the words . . .


  1. I love my diggers book too. My advice for you is to pull out all the tools and begin on that pile of dirt...make it look like a struggle...they are sure to take pity on you!

  2. I can wait to get down to your place in a few weeks time and sit with my head in that book! I found another good book for you while road tripping and loitering in organic cafes. It's English, but good.

    I'll see if my library has it and bring it down

  3. Diggers what a cool name for a seed company.We have also a pile of soil here I have a plan I will tell by boys that I have entered a competiton in who can move a pile of soil quicker
    like a soil olympics;)

  4. Cathy thats a fantastic idea, a soil Olympics, my lot are pretty competitive so this might just work!

  5. I love Diggers as well. And their cafes are fantastic! The project is a good idea...need to look a bit more closely into it!

  6. Diggers Cafe??? Will have to look into that!

  7. Thanks so much for all of your support with SGG.
    I really hope you manage to entice the family to help with the filling of the garden beds. : )

  8. Oh I am so glad you received the book and like it - and I hope to see some pretty fabulous produce coming out of your garden now! No excuses!!


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