Monday, May 2, 2011

Getting into the Quince of things....

With  all the pictures of fresh Quinces growing, Quince picking and Quince cooking splashed across some of my favourite southern blogs, you can imagine how excited I was when I got my hands on some of these at my local market, it was a straight ahead trip into the Kitchen to play...
How much fun was this to make!
Peel, Core and Chop up about 1 and 1/2 kg of Quince
add 1/2 cup of Water, bring to the boil then simmer for approx 1/2 an hour until the quince becomes soft and tender.  Then blend the mixture until smooth and mushy. 
Add 800gm of Sugar and stir on a low heat until sugar is dissolved.  Reduce heat to very low and cook for approx 4 - 5 hours. I used a simmer mat to keep a more consistent low heat and reduce the chance of my paste burning, it's also a good idea to use a heavy based pan. 
 Keep stirring occasionally. I was prepping up some other preserves in the kitchen at this time so I managed to keep a good eye on it and stirred about every 15 minutes or so...
it was very interesting to see it slowly change colour
 there is  apparently a scientific acid/pigment/chemical reason for this, but I am not going to go into that today . . .
and finally about  4 - 5 hours later you get this
A nice and thick paste that leaves the side of the pan and is a rich ruby red in colour.
Pour it into some greased molds and let sit for about 6 hours or until set.

I have always had a love of quince paste with a nice Brie or Camembert . . . usually it's one of Maggie's, but
this weekend when I head off to celebrate my Mothers 70th Birthday,  we will be enjoying a local Witches Falls Merlot,
 a nice King Island Brie and Gooseberry Jam Quince Paste!


  1. I have never eaten quince paste..i it anything like quince jelly???Cause I can imagine that taste with cheese would be yum

  2. Yum! I love quince paste. Never did get around to trying it this year though. I got too caught up in the jam and jelly side of things. Will have to try it next year...god willing that the quince tree house down the road is still vacant or has generous tenants :)

  3. I've never tried quince paste but if it goes with brie and Tamborine Mountain wine it must be good.

  4. We make quince jelly and quince cheese (or paste) - apparently in Spain it is called membrillo (not sure about spelling) and is eaten with manchego cheese. It keeps forever (don't ask me how I know!). Delicious - I just have to wait 5 months before I can make some more ...

    Pomona x

  5. Oh yum they turn such a gorgeous colour!! I do mine in the slow cooker, makes the house smell like roses!

  6. What a great idea Mrs Bok, I'll try the slow cooker next time...
    Hi there Missy, Yes that Tamborine Mountain wine goes down quite well with lots of things actually...if you ever get the chance to try the Quince paste then you must, Maggie beer does a very nice one you can buy from the supermarket deli.
    Good luck with your next batch Pomona

  7. I have not yet tasted Quince Jelly, I'll try that one next time... Would be wonderful to have a Quince tree like that one you have down the road Tania...

  8. that looks awesome! I love quince paste and always wanted to make some. That's a lot of boiling though :)

  9. wow, that looks fantastic. I think I have just enough quinces left to have another go...the cat got the last lot!

  10. I have never tried quince but am drooling at the mouth looking at your the sound of it with brie...mmmmm.

  11. The paste looks so delicious! I need to get some quinces and have a go I think.

  12. Mmmmm I love quince paste and cheese and one day I hope to grow quinces of my own but I am not sure how they will go her in QLD

  13. It looks amazing! Takes time and concentration but the end result looks worth it... gxo


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