Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chicken of the Week Part II

I would like to Introduce to you. . . 
Lady Ga Ga
I don't know what it was that you saw in this girl
 Duchess Declutter but you certainly hit the nail on the head!
I LOVE it and it So suits her . . . Strutting her stuff around the coop.
 She is such a Miss Ga Ga!  
Thanks Wendy, I would have never of come up with a name like this. A celebrity in the chook coop, who would have thought.
This is Fun, thanks everyone for playing along so far . . .The names that you all came up with were just brilliant, I knew I would get a good handful of old fashioned names and Yes I could have named the Whole Coop from my last post BUT that would spoil the fun of The Game.  I will however cluster them up in the next couple of weeks and I ask that you resubmit all those wonderful names again for the next lot of lovely ladies coming up . . .
Next up I have my little fluffy feets

These two are Pekin X 
I was hoping to call them Aurthur and Martha, but they turned out to be both Martha....
Even though they are only young they remind me of two little old granny's,  it's those tail feathers,  Big Grey Granny Buns!

 I need some good ol style  names for these ladies

They have both just gone CLUCKY in the last couple of weeks, so they are just big round fluff balls of feathers, aren't they just adorable.
One is sitting on about 6 eggs, I don't think any are her own though, they appear to be larger eggs. The other is just sitting on straw, I took all her eggs and now I feel bad, depriving her of her motherhood!  I'll have to let her sit soon, keep her happy. It's always a nice surprise when they hatch, I get to guess who the mums are. Ohh that could be another good game to play!
Looking for two Names . . . . . .?


  1. I think one of them should be granny! Like on Beverly Hillbillys with her big granny bun and the other one maybe Rita( who is my Grandmother and best friend)
    For some reason Blogger will only let me comment anonymously :(
    Love Smileymum

  2. Oh, they are just gorgeous, they look like little french chooks to me, dont ask me why, so maybe "Ava" and "Anais" , prounounced A-nay...?

  3. I think they have something rolypoly about them! So maybe call them Rol(l)y and Pol(l)y?

    And when I think of granny names I would think Agatha and Heriett!

  4. Or Ethel and Heriett! I just saw that you liked that one for these two! Would work for them I think! :D

  5. Why don't you call one Alice Maud Mary and (family nickname "Alice") Louise Caroline Alberta (family nickname Louise) Both the names are from one or another Royal Family.

  6. Now MS Gooseberryjamman
    if you are getting ready to knit or crochet a tea cosy be sure to visit
    and ask me for a free owl pattern.
    and check out the chook tea cosies there too.

    LOVE a chook
    LOVE a knitted chook

  7. A spot alliteration required for two so alike. Mmmm? Daphne and Delores or Gwendolyn (Gwen) and Gladys (Gladdy).

  8. Going to be a tuff one to choose this week!!!

  9. Thanks GBJ - bit of a fluke I think!
    These 2 are just gorgeous - I'm thinking Milly and Molly. cheers Wendy


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