Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Great Orange Harvest



  1. I love the photo of the little hands in the massive oranges, gorgeous!

  2. know, I shopped at coles yesterday, not an australian orange in sight...I couldnt believe it..........I came home orangeless........ :(

  3. What a great harvest GJ! Massive oranges and I love your little helper.

  4. Karen! I've been calling you GJ - sorry!
    Have you had problems with blogger or is it just me? I left a comment on your lovely oranges the other day. Your little helper is loving the moment too. Great sized citrus.

  5. Thanks Wendy, Yes I have been having problems with Blogger! Isn't it annoying! I reposted this one because I lost my comments, They are on my email but just vanished from this Post and I do really appreciate all my comments so thanks for coming back! They are big Oranges but due to my lack of fertilising this year we only got about 1 doz or so, what you see here is what we got! Have a nice day, Hope you have a nice sunny spot to sit this morning...

  6. I'm envious of all those oranges. Citrus is a tricky one to grow here... but maybe one day I will have a sheltered, frost protected corner when the other trees grow. One can only hope.
    My comments all disappeared from my last post too :(


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