Thursday, May 5, 2011

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I lost count of how many times I said I was going to learn to crochet this year. I would be happy to just learn to do a Granny Square. So I finally did it and now that I've started, well, I just can't STOP!

 Lucky I have a King Size Bed
 Should fit nicely by the End of Winter!!!
 with a couple of little cushie covers. . .
Go to Kootoyoo for more creative crocheting


  1. I do love a granny rug, I learnt last year, but have forgotten again already...I need to have one going constantly....
    I sell these on my website, and they are always popular....well done I say..

  2. I too am addicted to crochet...seriously I hook a little every single day :) Nothing fancy yet but thankfully granny squares fill the urge for me at the moment.
    I reckon at the rate I am going (a little at a time) I should have a blanket completed by winters end too :)

  3. How easy did you find crochet? I am an accomplished knitter but I have never really tackled crochet but would like to learn. Did you find a good book or other resource to learn from?

  4. Hazel I actually found it very easy, I've tried knitting but I find my arms get heavy and ache, guessing I'm not using the right needle holding technique! I started off on You-Tube one night and got myself into quite a bother and went to bed way too late extremely confused, cranky and tired. The very next day when complaining to some mothers group friends about my lost efforts one of them piped up and told me she crocheted, so the very next week It was Crochet and Cake day. I got the basics from her then low and behold when I showed my mum, she pulled up a needle and helped me with the finer points...I didn't even know she could crochet! Just goes to show you doesn't it...Mums do know everything! I encourage anyone to try it, Just ask Tammi, it is very addictive!

  5. Suzanne, You must find it really hard to part with some of them...I have picked up some great blankets over the years, it's nice to be actually doing my own now, I could never imagine giving it away though... I'm sure if you pick your needle up it will all come back to you. :)

  6. I'm hoping a little of your creativeness will rub off on me, purely by association!
    I'm a knitter, but a very slow one it seems. I have started something for my husband for this winter, but I think it should have been a 2010 attempt.
    Your granny square is gorgeous. Well done!

  7. Love that granny crochet - must be my next thing to learn!

    Pomona x

  8. Something I'd love to try! Crochet yes please!!


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