Monday, August 8, 2011

A new lease of LIFE

It's been a rather miserable week here for the Gooseberries, even my computer caught a nasty virus! But with lots of rest, honey, lemon, Vicks and our soothing chicken soup I am happy to report we are all on  the mend and ready to tackle the week ahead. 
On top of being sick we have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby lambs, I feel like an expectant parent  myself,  pacing the floor waiting, waiting, waiting...
Then finally, look what we found this morning, our first little Lamb.
Healthy and Well and looking very Cute... 
Looks like someones been playing in the Molasses bucket!
Anxious Mums in waiting...Who's NEXT!




  2. YIPEE - LAMBS! Too cute:) I am already planning my next farm visit. ox

  3. Congratulations on the new addition :) Such a lovely little lamb and it must be very exciting for your kids.

  4. Definitely very cute and a very exciting time for you all for sure. Are you going to name them - or not?

  5. There is nothing like the first lamb.. it is very exciting... Ours are lambing now, not our favourite time to lamb down, but the rams didn't join properly the first time, so we have little ones jumping around, also rain and cold unfortunately.. good luck with your little flock..

  6. Here in Tassy there have been a plethora of triplets and twins in the lamb department this season. Good luck on your prospective births.


  7. Congratulations. How very exciting!

  8. Sweet. I love the feel of newborn lambs wool!

  9. Oh he is super cute!! Lambs always remind me of spring as everywhere you drove in NZ you saw a lamb or 100 :)


  10. lol, yes Hazel and a nice rub of vicks does a world of wonders for the keyboard!!

    Probably no names for these ones Duchess....

    We are hoping for a few more more in the next couple of days, still waiting, waiting...
    Twins would be great!


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