Friday, August 19, 2011

On My Mind...

I can not stop thinking about the Pavlova we had for our 
'If you Eat all your Dinner' treat last night, it was made with freshly laid eggs, and topped with our own sour passionfruit and freshly picked strawberries from our trip to the berry farm earlier in the week.
Half of it still sits in the fridge, I can't resist it any longer.  Is it OK to have a slice with a cuppa  for morning tea....   I think so.....  :)

BEST EVER and as always EASY . . .
Pavlova Recipe
6 large eggs,  at room temperature
(The fresher the eggs the better, as the eggs whites are firmer)
1  ¼  cups caster sugar
2 teasp cornflour
1 teasp white vinegar
1/2 teasp vanilla extract

Firstly Preheat your oven to 120°C.
Line  a baking tray with baking paper or alfoil, lightly grease and  dust with a little cornflour and put to the side.
Separate the eggs, we are using the whites only.  Be very careful not to get any yolk into the white as it will not whisk up to the proper consistency that is needed for a meringue.
The yolks can still be used for other baking, store in the fridge but do use within two days.
Beat the egg whites with electric mixer until soft peaks form.
Gradually add the sugar a little at a time,  beating well after each addition, until meringue is thick and glossy and sugar dissolved.
Add cornflour, vinegar and vanilla and whisk until just combined.
Spoon the meringue mixture into the centre of your lined baking tray,
Shape the Pavlova into an even circle and use a spatula to smooth out the top and edges.
Bake in the oven for approx 1 ½ hours, gently touch the Pavlova, It should be dry.
Turn off oven and leave Pavlova in oven with the door slightly open until it is completely cold.
Gently transfer your Pavlova to a serving plate ready to decorate.
 Beat 300 mls of thickened cream with 1 teasp icing sugar until thick and spreadable.
Layer cream over the top of the Pavlova.
Then just add your favourite toppings.  I used Strawberries and Passionfruit today but any combination of mixed berries or tropical fruits are fine.
On my mind today with Rhonda @ Down to Earth 


  1. Oooh Ilove a good Pav! Any time is Pav time!

    Have you ever made it with brown sugar and red wine vinegar? Its AMAZING!

  2. Hi Karen, my favourite food in the whole entire world. Think we might make some this weekend. Thanks!

  3. Heavens, if this was in my fridge it would be on my mind too!!! Looks gorgeous and yummy. ENJOY!
    Anne xx

  4. I would have eaten a wedge of it for breakfast...seriously...............

  5. YUM!!

    I dont think pavlova would have lasted that long in our house!

  6. Hi, just popping in from D2E. Your pav looks divine! I hope you gave into your cravings and had some of the delicious looking Pav :) Just reading through your recipe, I also have a no fail Pav recipe I love, but I just saw your comment on the egg yolks and keeping them in the fridge. Thanks for sharing that tid bit of info, I have always made something at the same time as I had never thought of popping them in the fridge and saving them for later. My next Pav mission won't be so busy next time :) Regards, Ruth (MrsW)

  7. Ooohhhh! Lucky I don't have your address, Karen. That looks divine. I have to limit our pavlovas to Christmas, they're too tempting. You are such a good cook!

  8. breakfast lunch dinner or any time between is ok with me for pavlova especially one made from your own eggs and passionfruit and pick your own berries..jane

  9. My DH eats it for breakfast lunch dinner and in between

  10. Oh wow it looks absolutely delicious!!! You can't beat a great pav - and everyone has their favourite recipe. I wish I could make them like my nana used to - hard on the outside and chewy on the inside - aaaaaah. I can't wait for strawberry season to roll on around again!

  11. Of course it is okay, especially when it is just sitting in the fridge calling you, just asking to be eaten. With all of that fruit, I think it becomes a health food.

  12. Gosh if I had that sitting in my fridge it would be on my mind too till it was all gone. I know I would have a slice for morning tea, infact anytime is fine with me :)


  13. Yummo!!!
    I so wish you lived a bit closer because I am sure you wouldn't mind sharing half with me!

  14. What a wonderful week your little girls have had, baby lambs(so cute) strawberry farm and then homemade pav Yummm..... I must confess iv'e been know to have pav for breakfast.

  15. Hello karen, popping over from D2E. Yummy looking pavlova! I took down the recipe and will make one soon. Would be nice with stewed pineapple, I'm sure...Thanks for a great recipe!

  16. Just letting you know it is totally acceptable to eat pav at every meal and in between until it is all gone. That's how it works over here at Betsy's. Yours looks super yum btw.x

  17. It's the day after leftover dessert dilemma, I always want a piece at 10 am, so I am with you I would have eaten it too.

  18. That looks sooooo good and yes, having some with tea is perfectly ok!
    I really MUST try this recipe. Yum!

    visiting from Down To Earth

  19. Pavlova is my favourite dessert! No one ever made it yummier than my Nana...but I'll have to try this recipe with our surplus of eggs. Thanks for sharing!

  20. If I had enough to share I'd send each and everyone of you a nice big slice.... :)

  21. i really must try and make a pav Karen - with the egg gluts its the perfect way to bowl over a dozen or so eggs !


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