Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chicken of the Week Part VI

SIZZLES, A Sizzle is a cross breed between a Silkie and a Frizzle...
I purchased these two as chicks in a pot luck pen.  I was told that some of the chicks were born with the characteristics of a Silkie and had 5 toes on each foot, other were born with normal chicken feet!!
 I decided on one with 5 toes and one with 4 toes.
It's really been amazing watching these two grow up and change along the way at first I though I had myself a Rooster but then realised she was just the four toed cross, so she would be mostly Frizzle... 
It is really hard to get a clear photo of these girls as their feathers keep flapping around in the wind . . .
This one is obviously carrying more Silkie, She's a beautiful thing, so pretty to look at.  Very quiet girls they are too, they keep very much to themselves, even perching on an outside limb of an evening....

Real 17th Century Madame's aren't they, with their fashionable high collars and ruffles.  
Looking for two Grand names . . .What do you think?

Well once again so many names to choose from, it's taken me a little while to submit this post as It has been just too hard to choose a name from everyone's wonderful suggestions. But Finally . . .
For Miss Cranky Pants I just couldn't go past Mrs Tipple,
 Suzanne wrote "my grade one teacher, who was nasty as I remember, her name was Mrs Tipple.....heaven forbid if you called her Mrs Tickle by mistake, as we often did". You do come up with some fabulous names Suzanne, thank you.
And after much deliberation I decided on Hilda for the Old boiler..., thanks Christine.
Thanks to all of you who played last week, there were some really strong and interesting names amongst them, I could have chosen any of them. Next week, for the Sizzles, I'll be making it easier on myself and the names will be picked from a HAT!!
I have just realised that I have never announced the new identities of my Tin Chooks, keepers of my garden.
Please meet Tinothy & Tinele... many thanks Fiona...

I sit waiting with anticipation for some Sizzling new Names....


  1. love your comparison with 17th century attire..the similarity had escaped me but your'e spot on..

  2. How about something along the lines of Madame Pomp and Dame Ceremony, then you will always have some Pomp and Ceremony. Love the silkie she has a very cute face. Cheers, Deb

  3. This is just to let you know that I have passed on some bloggy love to you today.
    Please head over and have a look.
    Take care.

  4. A Sizzle is the Best Name in the WORLD. I have never heard such a fabulous sounding combination. And they are GORGEOUS! Where can I get one??!!

  5. Aren't they gorgeous Ali, I purchased mine at a produce store at Logan Village, south of Brissy, they have them there quite regularly. A good friend of mine has a pair that are due to "you know what" so I'll let you know if any come my way! :)

  6. Very interesting and pretty birds! I have a male and female red frizzle. Wish I had a silky to cross. A few years ago I tried and tried to get a barred cochin bantam. I think crossbreeding is awesome.

  7. Your little silkie girls are precious. Who wouldn't fall for such little sweeties?

    more silkie -- Fluff
    more frizzle -- Bustle

    brenda from arkansas

  8. Hi, my niece loves chickens (amongst other animals) and her favourite name is piccadilly. yours are beautiful and fluffy

  9. Please please have a look at EARLY PLAY AUSTRALIA which is news, blogs and community for Aussie's with young children. I would love to add your blog, maybe even start a new topic just for you called Keeping House or Home Grown or Farming. What do you think?

  10. I'm thinking Mary and Elizabeth after the two queens (Henry the 8th's daughters). After all they are both wearing a lacy ruff just like the Elizabethans did!

  11. Tinothy and Tinele LOL ....I think I'm going to enjoy this blog :-)

  12. *chuckle* love the comparison to the Queen's frippery--so apt!!

  13. WHoop! We have a Hilda! Thankyou :)

    My, they certainly are 17th century dames! A bit stumped at the moment for names, must put my thinking cap on...or have a glass of wine ;)

  14. Violetta for the dark one....and the other one I bit stumped because she looks like a boy...sorry..!!


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