Friday, August 12, 2011

Passionfruit under attack!!

 Grrr....My mouth has been watering awaiting the ripening of the passionfruits and then this! They're nearly all gone! My Passionfruit vine actually climbs over the chook coop, the Cockatoos are still able to take the ones growing on the outside of the coop but I don't think they have realise that when they bite the fruit off the stems, ready to devour them, most of them being on the inside of the coop, drop down and out of their reach. HA! 
 The problem I do have though is most of the ones they do bite off are not quite ripe . . . I have put them aside and waited  for them to ripen up but they tend to go rotten before they ripen and sweeten ready to eat, so I've just had to come up with some ways of eating them on them still a little on the SOUR side.
I have two vines, a Yellow Panama Passionfruit and a Purple Panama Passionfruit.
I have managed to save about 3 cups of passionfruit pulp, I have frozen this and will use it up in my Baking as it is needed.
If it lasts that long....They may be a little sour but it doesn't seem to mater when they're ICE BLOCKS!
I made up a nice batch of Fresh Yogurt 
Stirred through a couple of Passionfruit and a good drizzle of Honey, You would never have known they were not sun ripened fruit.
The Sweetest Jam you'll ever taste!
 And mixed with Condensed milk it makes for a wonderful Passionfruit Slice
I still have plenty of ideas up my sleeve, next raid I plan on making Pavlova and Melting Moments with passionfruit Icing.  
Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated, as would some advice on keeping Cockatoo's out of the Garden!  
But now, I'm off to enjoy some more fresh Passionfruit Yogurt!


  1. Those cockies are big enough to put on the barbecue..they used to come in here and eat our almonds and the branches used to just about snap with the weight of just one bird...naughty birds, go eat something less exotic than passionfruit..I like the flavour but not the seeds, so cant help you out with any recipes...what you have made looks lovely though...x

  2. I really hope you share some pics of the Pav. Yum.

  3. Yummo GBJ - you're being very creative! Lucky you to save even that many I think. Here we find the possums take off with most of ours.... plus can never grow the purple one, only yellow. cheers Wendy

  4. Those naughty little buggers!!! I did see a recipe for passionfruit curd once? (maybe google it) I can't wait to hear all about your yoghurt making.

    (I am secretly dreaming of a house cow lately after reading this

    milk, butter, cream, buttermilk, ice-cream, cheese, yoghurt + they mow the grass:)

  5. GRR indeed. I'm terrified they are going to take the tops off all my new trees. Hopefully someone will have a better suggestion than the one I was given which was too awful to repeat...

  6. Damn those pesky cockatoos. But mmm that passionfruit sure looks good, especially with yoghurt and honey -delicious.

  7. Dratted cockatoos! Glad you are able to save some of your fruit though and put it too delicious use.
    Anne xx

  8. i really feel for you with those used to be possums that ate all my produce and they even killed 50-70 year old trees..but in my new old house
    so far it's only been the usual caterpillar suspects that chomp into my veggies and fruit..your recipes are so good and despite the feathery frustration it must be really rewarding to make all those delectable goodies..i've got a few months before i'll be picking my passionfruit..last year was it's first productive season and i made a commemorative batch of p.fruit cupcakes with p.fruit icing in their honour..jane ps i make passionfruit cordial, passionfruit butter and passionfruit and lemon delicious

  9. Oh wow, all the things you have made look just fabulous - and that's from me who doesn't even like passionfruit! Well done you...

  10. I didn't realise how versatile passionfruit was...what you have made looks so delicious.

  11. Yum, yum, yum. Love all your passionfruit treats. Sorry, no idea about cockatoos at all.

  12. You need to make an artificial roof over the top of your chicken house so they have a barrier stopping them from getting to the vine. I still have about 3kg of pulp from last year which is lucky as we had to prune it back and did not get many this year.

  13. Oh how lovely to be able to grow such exotic fruit but grrrr that cockatoos are a bit partial to them too! The passion fruit slice looks very yummy!

  14. Oh they look good hanging there on the vine! Naughty cockatoo! Love what you've made with the pulp, yummmmmmmm I LOVE passionfruit

  15. We put our picked unripe passionfruits back out in the sun wrapped in net curtains - it seems to keep out most of the birds.

    In terms of recipes - we recently did a apple and passionfruit crumble - I just used about 4 large icecubes worth of sour pulp with the apples.

  16. Hello 'Gooseberry Jam', Lovely story about the passionfruit raiding cockatoos! mmmmm my problem not so ornery. I have just simply pruned hard and through natural attrition am left with a container of green Panama's and wondered what I coulld do with them to ripen them. Your ideas are good thanks!
    Nicola @
    ps Love the sound of your 'little countryside haven'! Are you operating a sustainable lifestyle as well? It certainly sounds like you are setting yourself up for a blissful and rewarding life!


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