Monday, August 29, 2011

Tea Anyone?

Many many years ago when our family consisted of only two adults and two children, we would wake up on a Sunday morning and treat ourselves to a nice big  breakfast of Bacon and Eggs and sit sipping an endless pot of tea on the back deck . . .
Our Sunday mornings soon got a little more hectic with the addition of a third, fourth and fifth child and for a while there, there was no such thing as Sunday morning breakfast, come to think of it there still isn't !! 
BUT, we have started a new tradition.  To avoid the rush first thing in the morning we have started 'Doing Tea'  on the Weekends, Morning Tea or Afternoon Tea, it doesn't matter, no pressure . . . as long as it done together,  with a pot of Tea for mum and dad, 
a pot of Milo for the kids
and a batch of freshly baked Pikelets, Scones or Cake of the Day! 
I keep this recipe stapled inside my kitchen cupboard 
3 eggs
4 tabsp sugar
2 cups milk
3 cups sr flour
sprinkle of salt
2 tabsp melted butter
Place eggs, sugar and milk onto a bowl and whisk well together
Beat in flour and salt then add melted butter and mix to make a nice smooth batter. 
Drop dessertspoonfuls onto a hot buttered fry pan.  Turn over once bubbles start to appear on the top and cook on the other side.
Serve with a lather of butter, sprinkle of sugar and squeeze of fresh lemon juice
This batch makes up about 25 - 30 pikelets.
ENJOY !!  We do . . .


  1. How wonderful and such lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great idea keeping the recipe stapled to the inside of the cupboard. Pikelets are very popular at our place too. They are great for anytime of day.

  3. What a lovely new tradition. You have a lovely view from your back deck. A beautiful place for morning or afternoon tea I'm sure. Pikelets are one of our favourites also and certainly a hit with our overseas WWOOFers (willing Workers on Organic Farms) who have never heard of them! And you make a pot of tea! Something that is making a bit of a comeback, thankfully.

  4. children remeber things like that, it look's like fun, milo in a pot mmmm

  5. What a great tradition, I like the milo in a pot idea. our kids are actually quite partial to a milky sweet cup of tea. We have pancake Sunday at our house where dad makes rainbow pancakes with food die in special shapes. I get to have mine in bed! not very family oriented but quite lovely.

  6. You can't beat family time-out together and pikelet and scones are the go at my house, along with a pot of Earl Grey.


  7. Show us your tea cosy..........Im up for a link...!!!!
    We had pumpkin scones for dinner last night, and a pot of tea in the hour and a half later, I poured another cup, still steaming, those tea cosies are just amazing!!! Your 'tea" looks great.....x

  8. Lovely. These family traditions are what build security into our children and give them precious memories to treasure forever.

  9. A beautiful tradition. These are the things that stick in children's memories and they will talk about fondly as adults. I am going to stick my pikelet recipe in the cupboard door too now!!

  10. Your photos are wonderful and so is that recipe. I am going to try this! Lemon and powdered sugar - yum!

  11. I love the tea cosy and the orange cups, are they Bessemer?
    We love pikelets too!

  12. That looks like so much fun. Thanks for you recipe too.

  13. Afternoon teas with cups and saucers are still some of the most powerful memories that my now grown children bring up regularly. You don't realise at the time that these simple times create the fond treasured memories of tomorrow.


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