Monday, June 13, 2011

The Garden Post

I finally got the soil shoveled into my veggie beds, you'll never guess who did it?   
I did.  Of course I did, I dug my hand deep into my pockets and I hired help!  No-one else was putting their hand up so we had a bobcat and driver in for an hour, he mixed up a bit of old loose  paddock soil with a bit of old ash, the new organic soil and the Job was done!  
I had some way over ready sugar snap seedlings to get replanted, so straight in they went, I don't know how well they'll do, they were ready weeks ago along with my sow.give.grow trans-plant that I am happy to report was left on a picnic table at the Tambourine Mountain Botanical Gardens, hope it found a good home.
Ooh, what are we going to do with these Mummy? 
Run, Jump, Play, Hop, Dig 
Gardening is so much fun for everybody!
On the same day my seeds also arrived from Diggers. . .Whoo hoo!
Although someone got  just a little too excited online! As I sifted through the seeds I realised I only has a small handful of seeds that were actually any use to me right now, So with the help of eldest son and a few on lookers the seeds were planted.

So we waited, and we waited, and we waited...I think we (eldest son) may have planted some a little to deep?  Oh dear.....
Anyway,  after lots of water and regular inspections we finally have some greens. I don't think they'll all come up though. I've never really done much Winter planting before so I'll sit with what I've got and will anxiously wait for my Spring Sowing.
So Fragile these little seedings...
 Lucky the Beans got a headstart in my seed trays, I probably should do more of that instead of planting straight into the garden beds, I think, I'll have to check my Diggers manual again, some seeds need to be sown direct and some into trays...
 My Favourite - Rhubarb!!!  I was hoping to get some corms for these but can't find them anywhere so I've planted a few seed which unfortunately will take a couple of years to mature. 
I'm sure it will be worth the wait. . .
In the meantime, if there are any Brissy gardeners out there with hot tips on where to buy rhubarb corms, I'm all ears!
 This would have to be my Rainbow Chard  -  Red 
 and Yellow, strange how they came in a mixed pack, yet the ones that are growing together seem to have the same colour stem??? 
 Apparently Radish will grow anywhere, anytime and these babies have popped up everywhere.
I did have to hunt to find these, I do hope more of them come up as they are really the only Winter veg I planted.   

And Finally
What is this on my GARLIC?


  1. Oh dear, naughty little aphids. Your pile of seed packets made my heart flutter! I tend to go a bit overboard when I order online too, can't resist them.

  2. Your garden is looking good. Cant help you with the bugs though, doesn't look too garden friendly though!

  3. wow look at all your seeds! they'll keep you busy for a few months.

    I've had more luck planting in seed trays first - even when the packet says sow in position...

    I must try and hunt out some radishes soon and give them a go!

  4. APHIDS! What do I do with APHIDS?

  5. Your garden is coming along really well. It is always so exciting to put new plants in and see how well they will do.
    I did a squeal of delight when I read about the trans-plant you did. Did you manage to take a photo so I can put it up on the Sow. Give. Grow site? Hopefully whoever found the seedling will let us know. ; )

  6. Ha only one type of bug fails in my garden (the others thrive sadly) because I have a few praying mantis in our garden! Can you hunt for some...?
    I go over oars with diggers too. So easy to do! :)

  7. Look at your garden beds..!! They are huge, they even have children growing in them!!!!!!!!

  8. Praying Mantis! Gee you don't see those around much these days! I might have to ask a few friends with bug loving little boys if they have spied any around their gardens. Thanks Mrs Bok.

    Suzanne, ha ha...those little children will be beautiful big Flowers one day too!

    Hi BM. had bad luck with photo, see comment on SGGrow... Was a real hoot to do! I'm up for another one real soon.

  9. Looks fabulous GBJ - you'll have a lot of fun and food from this - all the seedings look great. Don't worry too much about the aphids - I'm thinking that a light molasses spray might help?

  10. Ooh I have just discovered your lovely blog through vegetable vagabond. I too am never sure whether things do better in seedling pots or direct sowed. Diggers must like you!

  11. Wow those are some very impressive garden beds you have there. Can't wait to see them fill up with tasty treats. We have one bed, just assembled and waiting to pick up the dirt too. melx

  12. oh my! look at that diggers bounty!!

  13. Hi Karen
    You can order Rhubarb corms from diggers but only at certian times of the year. The silver beet come up like that because it is possible to get more than one plant from each seed.

    Great looking garden have fun with all that lovely new soil.

  14. Thanks Fiona, looks like diggers gets more business from me yet again!
    Interesting about the silverbeet!!! Your worth your weight in gold today! Thanks :)

  15. Hi gooseberry jam, I join the Digger's club last year. Love getting seeds in the mail, but not sure if I will join again this summer???

  16. Hello, I just found you over at Duchess Declutter and I'm going to stick around as I adore your blog. Homemade yummies, gardening and crochet, heaven! I'm going to have a wander through your archives and see what other things I can find. Homemade Baileys is at the top of my list to make.
    Anne xx


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