Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Winter Wednesday

What I love about Winter, is
Finding Ways to Keep Cosy & Warm
Are you keeping nice and warm today?
Join Hazel and share your Winter Wednesday Joys 


  1. Time for comfort food- it's cold and my eldest is on her way from camp- making ricotta and strawberry muffins for her to eat warm as she arrives home.

  2. Looks lovely and toasty! I've just layered up at work today to keep warm. I'd love to be by the fire though!

  3. Your granny blanket and sheepskin look so cozy by the fire. I need to get myself one of those guards when my littlest girl becomes mobile.

  4. Oh the joys of a fire!
    Your sheepskin and blanket scream warm and cosy to's a lot cooler in today than it is out so we've added extra layers.


  5. You are a wild one GB - is that a bearskin rug by the fireplace??? On no hang on, it's prob a baby lambswool one. Nice fireplace! cheers Wendy

  6. I'd love winter too if I was sitting in front of that fabulous fabulous fireplace!!!

  7. That fire sure does look nice and warm.

    Yes I have had our fire on all day today keeping the house warm ready for another cold night.

  8. I'm drinking tea and eating choc chip cookies, my fingers are almost to cold to type. I wish I was there in front of the fire with you drinking tea and eating cookies:)


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