Friday, June 17, 2011

Chicken of the Week Part IV

It certainly was a Toss Up this week! 
but thanks to The Duck Herder I not only have two new beautiful names, but I also now know what breed they possibly derived from!  Hamburgs hey!
So please allow me to Introduce to you
Henrik & Flo (Floretta)
Henrik's dancing Solo this week!
Flo's laying her morning Egg!

and now for some cute chicky pictures.
Look at them growing....
Gladys and the peeps, Ava, Anias, Samantha, Sophie and Rita.  
and..... Gwendolyn has become a MUM
One popped out to say hello this morning and there are a couple more that weren't quite ready to come out for the photo!  I have already named them with some beautiful names suggested from Suzanne in the very first 'Chicken of the Week' Post.
Meet Maude, and hiding in the back wings are Mavis & Ethel. (you will meet these soon).  

Now, who is next in 'THE GAME'

Only because I want to show off this magnificent blue sky here on this chilly but sunny Winters day, 
Lets name these two as well!
Two Tins Chooks, 
that are somehow related to Oscar (see last post)
 are looking for a name?


  1. Where did you get those tin chooks? They are wonderful! Mmmmm!
    Rusty and Tintin? Or Corroda and Patina?

  2. Tim and Tam....Rusty and Crusty...
    Those new baby chicks are just gorgeous...

  3. Rustic aka Rusty and Dustin aka Dusty!
    I can see that Rusty is going to be a popular one. They are cute though - where did you get them?

  4. Amazing what you can do with a bit of old iron isn't it! There is a bloke that makes them and sells them at the Jimboomba Markets (South west of Brissy). He makes all sorts of Farm animals, they are amazing! Would love to get a sheep next! :)

    Great names too, Looks like Rusty's in for a fair chance so far!

  5. Yay! but now I am worrying that they are not hamburg derived at all! But I love the names.

    Duckie xxxx

  6. WONDERFUL photos! I could look at those kind of photos all day. Beautiful!

  7. Hamburgs or not! Their new names are Perfect!!! thank Duckie :)

    Thanks Michaele, It's been heaps of fun following these guys around with the camera!

  8. Hi, just found your blog through pheobe's. Love to find fellow Australians and view the wonderful things going on in their backyards. Wish I had bigger land to have some chooks.

  9. Great chooks I think possibaly Tinothy and Tinele

  10. Your hens & rooster are so handsome!


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