Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Meet the Peeps

  Gladys with her chicks

 Rita, Ava, Anias, and the two newest hatched: 
Sophie and Samantha, little did you know you would be naming two little yellow chicks Cathy.  
Hopefully they stay two pretty little ladies.

I don't think Gladdys or Gwendolyn biologically mothered any of these chicks, but Rita does have a few fluffy feathers on her feet....so we will see.  
I wonder who belongs to who? 
 I do have quite a mixed coop and they all have their own unique identities.

 Chooks don't appear to be discriminative, once they have established their pecking order all my chooks run together, and very harmoniously. They all sleep, eat and lay together. They sometimes even share the job of sitting on the eggs...
I sometimes get three or four hens go broody at once and they just about sit on top of each other, I have witnessed them pushing each other out of the way and even sneaking eggs from under the other...When one needs a feed, the other just takes over, however I think it is quite a fight to get back on top again once the nest is left.
I think Gwendolyn is due in about 7 - 10 days, 
so we''ll be keeping a close eye on her.

 Makes me VERY Clucky!!!


  1. I love chicks, I really do.....and Im glad there is more coming, cos I have some more names for you...x

  2. They're gorgeous! It makes me clucky for chicks too!

  3. Oh they are soooo gorgeous. Can't wait for the day when we have some cheeping around here. gxo

  4. Oh it's so much fun to read about your chookies. I love Gladys, she is a beautiful girl! Aren't chickens the bees knees? So entertaining, helpful and adorable. I just can't imagine life without them..:)

  5. They are adorable, mothers and chicks, there's nothing sweeter. :)

  6. They are so cute! So cute that they all live together like that.

  7. They are beautiful. Such great Mums.

  8. Gorgeous chicks - and doesn't she look so proud.

    BTW - we have one of those grey with the white around the neck chooks. Do you know what breed they are? I

  9. Beautiful little white chicks! So fluffy and healthy. I love seeing chicks with a mamma.

  10. Well it looks like we all agree, they are pretty cute.

    Wendy I really don't know what my breeds are, mostly mixed breeds from within the coop. I started out with a couple of reds, a handful of Bantams, and an odd looking Rooster that needed a home. :)


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