Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Winter Wednesday

 I do Love a Winter Scarf!
It's my Job to keep everybody nice and WARM 
The Scarecrow 'Oscar'
Thanks to a special gift from the lovely littlepoppa there'll be no winter sniffles headed this way!
Hope your keeping Nice and Warm, Pop on over to Hazel's place to see what everybody else enjoys about Winter.


  1. You know I never thought I'd say it but it's so cold here this winter that scarves have become a much needed accessory :)


  2. He he... very snuggly warm. It certainly is winter Wednesday here... heater on, grey skies hanging. Happy day to you! gxo

  3. What a handsome fellow he is......

  4. What a handsome dude indeed!

  5. Thanks for the joining in Winter Wednesdays...I love a good scarf...but that scarecrow! is a wonder!

  6. I certainly could have done with that scarf this morning, it was freezing here...

    That is one great looking rustic scarecrow!

  7. Well now Miss Tammi, you'll have to get those knitting needles out again! You won't be getting this one back :)

    Oscar is beauty, I found him at my local markets. (Along with a couple of old rusty chooks, I must post about soon)
    If you look really closely you can see he even had an old rusty belt buckle!
    He has only temporarily borrowed my scarf though, It suits him don't you think, I'll have to keep a look out at the op shop for a special one just for him. :)

    Hope you've all warmed up by now!

  8. Hi Karen, your scarecrow looks lovely and snug and warm in that nice thick scarf.
    Love the chook photos in your sidebar :D)

  9. I can't wait to meet Oscar, he looks very at home in your new vegie patch:)

  10. Absolutely love the Scarecrow, especially with the scarf. I have a cow, pig and ducks in corrugated iron. They look so rustic!


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